"Sex and the city" the heroine Carrie once said: red bottom shoes "the way of a single woman is not easy, so I need a lot of good shoes." In fact, whether single or not, we all need a pair of good shoes, because is the most delicate close to the woman's shoes. cheap red bottom shoes Small make up it is necessary to know selected 20 top shoe brands, from the designer collections in the manuscript take you enjoy the unique charm of ideas, and tell you the most classic shoe money not to be missed and signature design.

How big is the charm of red shoes? red bottoms shoes Tom Cruise has custom made a pair of Christian Louboutin gave him $3000 and a half year old daughter. At the department store's creative director Simon Doonan once commented: "his shoes as the new circus in town, as a kind of irreplaceable sexy poison." The shoes master now focus more on diversified design elements on red bottom shoes for women  scarlet sole write women's feminine and sexy.

Since Sarah Jessica Parker in the "Sex and the City" running on the streets of New York screaming "I lost my Choo!" That moment, JIMMY CHOO mythical status in cheap red bottom shoes fashion culture has been open. And characteristic of FEATHER FEATHER high-heeled sandals also from now on in the brand's hall of fame laid his position. Started with custom-made shoes, specially designed for the foot of the red carpet of JIMMY CHOO is already full of charm and very confident with it firmly brucegmusic.com established unique style in fashionable circle, Madonna will be dressed in a pair of JIMMY CHOO heels into the wedding chapels; While Beyonce write it into their own song.

Women will never refuse to high heels, red bottom shoes although sometimes it seems a little from the nue. And flowers blooming season, all the brands of fashion will be the stiletto heels as play design, make the original only practical field also radiate the light of ideas. Small make up to you to collect the spring and summer of 2014 the latest high-heeled shoes, each a stiletto heel has its special, red bottom shoes for men hope these item can bring enough for everyone.

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